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ISO 20000

The ISO 20000-1 certification is the international IT Service Management Standard (ITSMS). This certification empowers IT organizations to guarantee that their IT benefit administration procedures are adjusted both to the needs of the business and with the best global practices.

For URS-Middle East it is crucial to fulfill and even surpass our clients’ business expectations, since they are the substance of our business. Therefore our auditors will closely work with your organization to improve the IT Service Management System, and meet the requirements of ISO20000 in order to get certified.

ISO 20000 can help your association in benchmarking’s IT benefit administration, enhancing its administrations, exhibiting a capacity to meet client necessities and making a structure for a autonomous review. When you get your organization certified, you will gain access to key IT markets, because you meet the mandates of those markets with your certification.

Benefits of ISO 20000

  • Enhances data and information protection
  • Gain access to important IT markets
  • Delivers time and cost savings
  • Standardizes processes to provide more effective IT services.
  • Increases trust by the public sector and industry.

Certified organisations can include URS and UKAS logos in their promotional activities.

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