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URS operates certification schemes to meet the needs of its customers and shareholders, whilst complying with the overarching requirements of the regulatory authorities that grant accreditation.

Additionally, top management:

  • understands the importance of impartiality and independence in carrying out management system certification activities;
  • manages conflicts of interest and
  • ensures the objectivity of management system, personnel, Inspection and product certification activities.

To this end, URS policy is:

  • To maintain accreditation for certification activities within the requirements of ISO 17021, ISO 17024 and ISO 17065 (and other accreditation criteria as appropriate) and any specific requirements of the IAF, including the latest IAF/EA guidelines.
  • To ensure that audit activities are carried out in accordance with our scope of accreditation and within the requirements of ISO 19011.
  • To offer a service to the best of our abilities, which is independent and impartial and is seen to be fair, cost competitive and of high integrity.
  • To undertake continuous improvement in the way we conduct our business and the services we offer.
  • To ensure that our staff are fully trained in their roles, understand the philosophy of URS, and operate to the procedures set out in the URS Business Manuals and associated documents.

To this end, URS impartiality Policy

At all times, United Registrar of Systems (URS), whether as the Holding Company, or any of its Subsidiary Companies, shall act in an impartial manner when conducting:

  • Audits
  • Assessment Activities
  • Certification Activities

Impartiality is assessed by means of a formal process, including Risk Assessment, to ensure URS employees, sub-contract, or partners undertake their duties in the interest of the Company and the Client and their duties are not compromised, influenced or effected by means of brides, threats or other external influence to amend their conduct or decision making process.

URS offers its services to all organizations of any size that operate within the accredited scope, without discrimination or pre-condition. URS does not practice hidden discrimination by speeding or delaying applications. There are no financial considerations, other than non-payment of invoices, which will cause delay or cancel of certification

Aims and Objectives

The Objectives of the organization are :

  1. To Monitor & Enhance the customer satisfaction – 98%
  2. To Utilize Auditors’ Man-days – 100%
  3. To monitor auditors performance & Enhance professionalism by minimum 8 hours CPD

Client Warning

In keeping with our policy and aims and objectives, we endorse the principles of Accreditation to ensure what we do is based on internationally agreed rules for a Registrar and we pride ourselves on our Transparency in the manner in which we operate.

Some Registrars and Certification Bodies either do not have any form of Accreditation, or do not have Accreditation that is Internationally Recognized by Governments, or their appointed bodies.

Always check that the Registrar, or CB you wish to work with is accredited by an appropriate body and a member of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and signatory to the Multilateral Agreement (MLA).

For more information, contact DAC in Dubai or contact UKAS in the UK and note examples of such warnings from the UK Government – see their extract via BIS, which makes reference to such warnings, along the lines of:

“BIS has further advised certification representative organizations in the UK, that:

“Accreditation” within the meaning of the Regulation can only be obtained (in the UK) from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) by virtue of the Regulation.

Any organization therefore that is suggesting it is accredited in the sense of the Regulation when they are not is likely to be guilty of an offence under the Business Protection from the Misleading Marketing Regulations 2008 (Statutory Instrument 2008/1276).

Certification Bodies or representative organizations should refer these cases to the Trading Standards, or the Office of Fair Trading in the first instance.”

URS Middle East Offices

United Registrar of Systems (ME) FZC

SAIF Plus Q1-09, 056/C, SAIF Zone, P O Box 7871, Sharjah, UAE

+971 6 557 63 68

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URS Certification Services LLC

Office 107, Speedex Centre, Next to Best Western premier hotel, Salahuddin Road, Deira, Dubai

+971 4 236 87 85

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URS Certification & Inspection
Services LLC

Office 413, C2, West 25, Street 4, Baynunah Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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URS Kuwait

Khaled Bin Al Waleed Street, Plot 44, Block 7, 7th Floor, Jawhara Tower, Sharq, Kuwait

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URS Saudi Arabia

Level 26, King's Road Tower, King's Road, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. P.O.Box:116247, Jeddah 21391.

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URS Qatar

P.O. Box 7871, SAIF Zone, Sharjah, UAE

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