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Health and Safety Training conducted for Sharjah Municipality

URS Middle East (URS-ME) conducted a three-day Health and Safety Training workshop for the Sharjah Municipality at their Tamayoz hall in Sharjah, UAE.

Our expert trainer, Mr. Ahmed-El-Nakib, delivered the training where the main focus of the session revolved around “Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S)”. This was done in line with the Sharjah Municipality’s commitment to encourage better health and safety practices at the workplace, where all stakeholders are encouraged to focus on health and safety as part of their daily routine thus ensuring adherence to set safety standards and regulations.

The Sharjah Municipality, which is a public service department of the government of Sharjah in the UAE, has been providing distinguished and comprehensive services with a focus on achieving the satisfaction and happiness of all its customers. They have been committed towards providing high quality services in a timely manner. This has helped them realize their vision of building a modern city with sustainable qualitative services.

Importance of Health and Safety training

In any large organization and workplace, there are plenty of risks and safety issues that arise due to the nature of the activities performed. Hence it is important to identify all stakeholders responsible for the implementation of health and safety at the workplace. These stakeholders are also accountable for meeting all legal obligations and safety regulations.

URS-ME Health and Safety training courses, conducted in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, has helped many organizations understand and realize that workplace safety is the responsibility of not just a few people but of ‘everyone’ in the organization. Moreover, by providing a thorough review of common hazards, as well as root causes of accidents and incidents, the course helps participants with using various tools to help them create, follow, and more importantly, implement the standards of health and safety at the workplace.

With the Health and Safety training, URS-ME has also helped organizations develop a positive workplace culture with a focus on health and safety. This is of paramount importance to organizations, especially those in industries where safety risks are high, and are looking to ensure business continuity. It also contributes towards making employees knowledgeable about health and safety practices and help the business avoid any distress or loss that potential accidents and ill health can cause. Lastly, it helps organization meet their legal obligations to protect the health and safety of its employees while also complying with local regulations.

Please visit our training section to find out more about URS Middle East specialized training courses that can help your organization.