Appeals and Complaints

1. If a registered organization fails to comply with these regulations the URS Holdings member may, subject to the provisions in regulation 12 as appropriate: (i) Suspend or withdraw the certificate or reduce its scope (ii) Refuse to grant or renew the certificate or extend its scope. Such decisions, and the grounds for them, shall be communicated to the registered organization in writing. Reasons for suspension/withdrawal include: failure to comply with these regulations; persistent or serious failure to meet certification requirements including the requirement to maintain effectiveness of the certified management system; not allowing surveillance or recertification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies; and client request. Failure to resolve the issues leading to suspension or highlighted during audits/visits/complaints, in the agreed time frame (not to exceed 6 months), non-payment of fees, will result in withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification.

Certification process which includes Process for Grating, Refusing, maintaining, renewing, suspending, restoring or withdrawing certification or expanding or reducing scope of certification (View URSME-01 | URSME-02)

2. The URS Holdings may, at their discretion, and subject to regulation 12, revoke or refuse to grant or renew a certificate if the registered organization becomes subject to the bankruptcy laws or makes any arrangements or composition with its creditors, or enters into liquidation, whether compulsory or voluntary (but not including liquidation for the purpose of reconstruction), or has a receiver of its business appointed, or is convicted of an offence tending to discredit the registered organizations reputation and good faith as a trader. Such decisions, and the grounds for them, shall be communicated to the registered organization in writing.

3. In the event of a registered organization or applicant wishing to appeal against any decision of the URS, Client can follow the Appeal and Complain Procedure (View URSME-13)

4. Should a client wish to make a complaint against the service offered by any member of the URS Holdings, they should, in the first instance, write to the UAE Office on

All complaints shall be duly recorded and reviewed, any corrective action thought necessary shall be communicated to the complainant, within a reasonable time-frame. Should the action not be considered sufficient, Please follow the Appeal and Complain Procedure (View URSME-13)

Following the ACC review of the matter, any actions considered necessary shall, once again be communicated to the complainant. If the above action is still not considered satisfactory, the complainant should address his/her concerns to the relevant URS Holdings members Accreditation Body (e.g. UKAS, DAC, SMMT (for IATF 16949), NABCB, etc.). Links to the Accreditation Bodies are available on the website.

5. These regulations may from time to time be altered by the RAC. No such alterations shall affect the right of any registered organization to use the applicable logo, or claim to be registered under these regulations unless or until it shall have been given notice in writing of such alterations by the appropriate URS Holdings member who will notify the registered organization of the date by which it must comply with the altered regulations, which shall not normally be less than six months from the date of notification of the alteration.

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