The UAE government has introduced the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS), as a mandatory regulatory program for Honey marketed in the UAE. URS Certification Services LLC give top level service to traders and manufacturers to ensures safety and compliance of their products and issue the ECAS Certificate to meet customers and UAE Regulatory requirements. Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS) required for clear goods from UAE Customs and ports and place product in UAE Market.

Certification Scheme

Issuance of Conformity Certificate (ECAS) for Honey According to the technical requirements of
cabinet resolution No. (49) for the year 2016.

Applicable Standard

UAE.S GSO 147:2019 – Honey


Honey / Natural Honey / Bee Honey


1. Valid UAE Industry/Trade License

2. Test Report from ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory as per UAE.S 147:2019 standard. Validity of Test report should be three Years.

3. Product Sampling according to UAE.S GSO 126:1990

4. Declaration of Conformity for following

  • a. Food additives are not added to the Honey
  • b. Natural and artificial sweeteners are not added
  • c. The Honey is not heated or treated to the limit that changes its formulation or reduce its Quality
  • d. Not treated chemically and or bio-chemically
  • e. Not use of any pesticide, veterinary drugs and adulterants during the production & processing of the honey

5. Product Labels / Artwork

6. Document shows that this factory has an effective FSMS / HACCP system

7. Certificate of HACCP / FSMS / GHP/ GMP for the manufacturer

8. Organic Certificate from ESMA or any recognized body from MOCCAE if the product declared as organic (if claim as organic)

9. Halal national Mark License if the product is declared as Halal (If claim as Halal)

10. Distributor Ownership (for Traders only)

11. Certificate of Origin (for Exporter only)

12. Copy of Current / expired Product certification certificate / document (if available)

13. Fees.

Total Duration for Service Completion

4 working days

Service Limitation

Each application should include only one product type\ flower source, one brand, one factory and one country of origin.

Maximum 45 sizes \ barcode by one certificate.

Applications will be cancelled after 6 months without completing the requirements by the Applicant.

Validity of Certificate

1 year.

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