An overview of ISO 37001:2016 certification and its benefits

In this post we explain what is ISO 37001 and its relevance to your organisation.

Added on : February 19, 2020

IATF 16949: A path to excellence in the automotive sector

In this post we explore the benefits of IATF 16949:2016 certification, a standard applicable and helpful to businesses operating within the automotive sector.

Added on : January 28, 2020

Customer Satisfaction and benefits of ISO 10002 Certification

Customer loyalty and satisfaction have become the top business agenda, and everyone is focusing on the customer.

Added on : December 22, 2019

Understanding ISO 14001 and its benefits for your organization

In this post we explore the benefits of aligning your organisation with environment protection and ISO 14001

Added on : November 25, 2019

How ISO/IEC 27001 can ensure brand trust, credibility, and profitability

ISO/IEC 27001 standard is a structured approach towards securing an organization’s information assets. Here are the features and benefits of this standard.

Added on : October 23, 2019

What is SMETA by SEDEX?

The SEDEX Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) was developed by SEDEX to regulate social audit codes and monitoring procedures.

Added on : September 20, 2019

Why companies should implement ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is an international standard outlining requirements for occupational health and safety. In this post we explore why it is relevant and should be implemented for your business.

Added on : August 31, 2019

Establishing a quality framework

For cutting-edge quality to be achieved in any kind of organisation, two parameters need to be met: quality objectives and quality policy.

Added on : July 23, 2019

ISO 9001:2015: Understanding Interested Parties

The standard specifies that organizations need to understand their relevant interested parties and their needs and expectations. We outline a few steps to understand and navigate this requirement.

Added on : June 21, 2019

ISO 22301: Appreciating the importance of Business Continuity Management

We explore some of the various aspects of business continuity management and the ISO 22301:2012 standard which can help businesses plan and prepare for continuity and resilience.

Added on : May 27, 2019

The ISO 19011:2018 revision: How will it impact auditing practices

The latest update to the ISO 19011:2018 – Guidelines for auditing management systems was published in July 2018. In this article, we explore the impact this new update will have on all kinds of auditing practices. Introducing ISO 19011

Added on : April 23, 2019

SEDEX – A brief explainer

We explain what SEDEX is and how it can benefit your organisation.

Added on : March 17, 2019

Stagnant Water – A Hidden Trap!

You will be surprised to know that still water harnesses some of the most pathogenic bacteria’s which can cause an array of diseases.

Added on : March 17, 2019

Making the transition to ISO 45001:2018

With the deadline for transitioning to ISO 45001:2018 gradually closing in, we outline some points on making a successful transition.

Added on : February 14, 2019

What is “Context of the Organization”?

In this article, we examine a new requirement for ISO 9001:2015 called “Context of the Organization”.

Added on : January 8, 2019

Transitioning to ISO 22000:2018

Whipping up the appetite for compliance with the newly introduced ISO 22000:2018. Preparing for the seamless transition to a higher threshold

Added on : November 5, 2018

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