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URS Middle East has been dedicated to the whole of the Middle East region since 2001. We have established offices in Oman. These have been established with a local team of experts and professionals available at hand to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

We offer a range of services which caters to most industry sectors in Oman while also enhancing many products and services relied upon by end-consumers. We ensure that we are compliant with local laws and regulations and are also accredited with reputed accreditation bodies (UKAS etc.) along-with local municipalities and government as required to ensure that your certification meets the highest standards and recognition.

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We offer a range of management systems certifications to cover your various requirements and needs. By certifying your management systems with URS-ME in Oman, you are demonstrating to your customers and stakeholders, your commitment to quality and adherence to best practices. Our certification ensures that your systems are compliant within the framework of local regulations. Thus clients gain confidence in your business and are encouraged to work and partner with you for achieving long-term mutual business goals.

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We offer a range of training courses to help your team get up to speed on the Certification process. Our professional trainers ensure that your team receives the most up to date knowledge on the course contents and are well informed on all local requirements and regulations. This helps your business and its stakeholders stay in compliance with the certification requirements.

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URS Middle East offers independent inspection, certification and training for various industrial heavy equipment and accessories to ensure that the final product complies with specific standards for safety, quality or performance. Industrial inspections give you a critical analysis of the quality of the product against the standardization certification thus ensuring regulatory compliance, insurance compliance and business continuity.

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URS Middle East also offers professional testing services in the field of micro-biological, chemical, environmental testing and calibration services. Our testing laboratory is currently based in Dubai, UAE where we have state of the art equipment and a dedicated team of experts and specialists to be able to service all requirements in the region. We also ensure that our testing procedures and methods are in compliance with local laws and regulations thus ensuring that all projects are successfully expedited to meet with the required standards and policies set by local municipalities and governments in the region.

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