Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)



  • Credible and reliable data sharing from Social Audits .
  • Avoid Duplicate or repeat audits under several audit protocols.
  • Measure working conditions of labor.
  • Transparency of facility audit data and findings among the several brands


SLCP  has developed Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) which includes Data Collection Tool, verification methodology, and guidance documents to interpret and analyse data and information for the objective to formulate actions plans. SLCP works together with various stakeholders to develop and implement this CAF, a common tool to reduce time and money spent in multiple social audits under several audit protocols and brand’s code of conducts.SLCP follows a robust verification methodology and quality assurance through quality checks. Verification Oversight Organization (VOO) of SLCO overseas the quality of verification and integrity of data verified by verifier bodies. VOO ensures VBs meet SLCP’s strict criteria and VOOs also conduct a range of quality assessment activities including desktop reviews, duplicate verifications etc.