The explainer: ISO Certification process

Understanding the ISO certification


It is a seal of compliance from a certifying authority that certifies a company that meets internationally recognized ISO standards. The international organization of standardization rewards companies that have met the set ISO management systems. It opens doors to successful tenders, improves company and employees’ efficiency, and proves your credibility. What better way to tell your customers that you care about their needs than getting an ISO certification.


ISO Certification Process


Before contacting URS Middle East for management system certification services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, develop your production processes and appropriate procedures, document and implement them to ensure you maintain high quality and safety standards.


1. Build and select a management standard

Businesses are finding this a challenging process because there are thousands of international standards available. The most popular is the ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi of Quality management system; it ensures that business owners and employees are consistent in providing quality products and services and fostering customer satisfaction. Other in-demand certifications are ISO 14001 Certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi of Occupational health and safety and:


Food Safety standards – Get Halal certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, HACCP certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Products certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi to meet regulatory requirements, boost customer trust in your products, and win over businesses in the food chain. This automatically gives your company and products easy access in the food industry.


Information Security – ISO 27001 Certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi helps to reduce cybersecurity risks that may attack your business and affect your performance. It identifies critical assets, understands vulnerabilities, and builds hefty practices with IT security and management.


ISO 9001 Quality Management – A company with these certifications proves to the customers that they have products that are of quality and high standards which means they meet their needs and this in turn increases the profit levels.


Environmental management – ISO 45001 Certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi indicates that your company engages in practices that minimize the rate at which the environment is exposed to harmful substances and reduce risks and liabilities. This demonstrates that you are willing to meet the health requirements of the environment that surrounds your internal and external stakeholders. To determine which management system is right for your business, discuss your needs and goals with an accredited certification body.


Highlight the core processes of your business, the goals, and the objectives. These processes should be documented; assemble the compulsory procedures and match them with your current practiced procedures.


2. Implement your management system

At this stage, the business needs to spend time communicating, consulting, and training. To ensure that;

  • Procedures composed and documented match.
  • The employees are trained properly to perform tasks effectively and efficiently.
  • Write up reports after a 3rd party inspection in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, testing, monitoring to analyze the corrective and preventive actions, the objectives, statistics, and meeting reviews. Use the data to measure the effectiveness of your processes.
  • After reviewing, take a step towards improvement.

Gather up evidence that you will use to demonstrate how well you have implemented the system to the auditors. Only then can they tell if you have met the requirements of the standard.


3. Assessment


On booking to begin the certification process, URS Middle East initiates an assessment where lead auditors are sent to your organization. If you wish to use in-house auditors then an IRCA lead auditor training for ISO 22001 in Dubai, Abu Dhabi will be perfect to take your employees through to be able to conduct the internal audit process.


The audit process conducts a gap analysis that identifies in which areas is extra effort needed to be exerted for the company to prove compliant with international standards. After observation, employees interview and look at sample records, a report is generated that highlights the weaknesses and strengths of the management system. Auditors offer a series of recommendations that will guide on the next corrective or preventive actions to take.


4. Register your management system


Submit the management system documents for review to ensure that they comply with the standards of the certification you have applied for. Companies that demonstrate they have met every requirement of the ISO standards by gathering up objective evidence receive a certificate. At this point, you can communicate your certification with the customers and the marketplace.


5. Maintaining Compliance


This means that the management systems have to consistently improve in the period of the review to ensure that you stay on track and are ready for recertification every year. Reviews are done through internal audits to do a health check on how your organization and employees follow the instructions that ensure compliance. Failure to be recertified is rare under management system certification bodies that offer the Abu Dhabi and Dubai approved certification services and support in achieving international standards approval.



Businesses with ISO certification in Dubai can steal a secret to how they gained customer confidence in them, satisfy regulatory requirements, and stand out in front of the big fish of the industry. URS Middle East can help you pass an audit in the management systems and achieve internationally and the United Arab Emirates recognized certifications. But to achieve this, the top management has to be involved and the employees have to be committed. To understand how meeting international standards matter.