ISO 28001 – Security Management System in the Supply Chain


ISO 28001 standard specifies the requirements for supply chain security management system. Supply chain is the critical area of any organization specifically with international supply chain. ISO 28001 helps organizations, involves in large and complex size of supply chain, to determine potential risk and to take risk based decision to minimize any potential adverse impact on supply chain mechanism. URS certifies organization against ISO 37001 standard with a team of competent auditors, who provides complete assessment against ISO 28001 standard and also provides value addition in the process.


To secure and facilitate global trade ISO 28001 standard  was developed for organizations in national and international supply chains. Organization wish to implement security management system in accordance to ISO 28001 , are a required to develop and establish a minimum level of security within a supply chain or segment of a supply chain and also helps in meeting the applicable authorized economic operator (AEO) criteria set forth in the World Customs Organization Framework of Standards and conforming national supply chain security programmes.

Why ISO 28001 – Security Management System in the Supply Chain

  • – Opportunity to grow new businesses,
  • – Adopt a risk management approach throughout the supply chain,
  • – Reduce customs times and make administrative procedures more efficient,
  • – Monitor and supervise security risks throughout your business and supply chain.


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