ISO 31000 – Risk Management System


ISO 31000 standard specifies requirement to develop a risk management system to identify business risks and and mitigate through implementing appropriate controls within the organizational process to make business sustainable. URS Certifies organization against ISO 31000 standard and evaluate organization performance in Risk Management.


ISO 31000 International Standard provides support to develop, implement and maintain and continuously improve a business risk management framework to integrate the business process of managing risk into all activities of the organization.

Every business is carrying out Risk Management in their own way, ISO 31000 providea a systematic approach of risk management and with these guidlines organization may protect businesses from unexpected disruptions due to internal and external factors or influences to make business sustainable.

ISO 31000 is applicable to all organizations, regardless of type, size, activities and location, and covers all types of risk.

Why ISO 31000 – Risk Management System

  • Efficient Operational Control.
  • Less risk of business disruption.
  • Ensure National and International Regulatory business compliance.
  • Enhance Business Reputation in the global market.


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