Why Product Certification Is Your Best Defense Against the Unknown

Do you know the value of product certification? You should. That’s because product certification is a valuable tool in your arsenal. It’s especially useful in today’s challenging economic climate when penny-pinching is the name of the game and quick availability is a key sales point.


To a large degree, URS Middle East has taken a more effective and consistent approach to product certification in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other states of the emirates. Patent applicants are now required to include information regarding the testing and evaluation of their products in order to overcome prior art.


Being able to prove that your product is up to snuff is more important than ever before. Many companies and individuals rely on online reviews as part of their buying process, but there’s no guarantee that these reviewers have seen every model or brand of a vacuum cleaner or washing machine. By comparison, an independent third party has probably tested your model against every other one out there and certified it as being worthy of purchase.


Warranties are another way of substantiating the merits of your product. But these are often subject to interpretation; you can’t always tell from the fine print exactly who stands behind what parts or what services. Instead, having those details certified by a trusted third party that has experience in non-destructive testing inspection Dubai, Abu Dhabi tells buyers that your product is backed by respected professionals with direct knowledge of what it takes to make a product excellent.


The reasons for getting a product certified are varied:

  • Improved customer relations.
  • Solving problems with government regulations and/or industry standards.
  • Improvement in quality assurance.
  • Increased marketability of the company’s products.
  • Improved consumer confidence in products and services.
  • Improved workplace safety and health.
  • Reduced liability exposure with respect to non-certified products.


Product certification can be voluntary or mandatory. In some cases, it is required by law: for example, many countries have laws that require all electrical appliances to be certified. In other cases, it may be optional. However, it is increasingly common for manufacturers to pursue voluntary product certification for their products, as the benefits of doing so are well-recognized by the industry.


For manufacturers, product certification by the Dubai approved certification services provides an independent assessment of product quality and safety performance. It shows customers that they can rely on their products being safe and reliable. For suppliers and retailers, it provides peace of mind that the products they are selling meet approved standards of quality and safety. It also helps them avoid liability for selling non-compliant products from unknown sources. For consumers, it increases their confidence in the safety of products they purchase and use.


The process of obtaining a certificate typically involves a combination of technical testing (such as lab tests), factory audit, inspection, and surveillance activities performed by the certification body during manufacturing or before placing on the market (for example, where a manufacturer must demonstrate compliance through testing performed by an independent laboratory such as URS Lab, that specializes in testing, inspection and quality control Dubai, Abu Dhabi.


Product certification can help your business to meet the following customer requirements:

  1. Demonstration of quality;
  2. Third-party endorsement;
  3. Guarantee of conformity to standards;
  4. Ensuring conformance to customer specifications;
  5. Confidence that claims are supported by objective evidence; and
  6. Building trust in your company among your customers, importers/exporters, or other stakeholders.


If you’re going to deal with the public in any way, it makes sense to buy products that have been tested and accredited by an independent third party. That’s a no-brainer, really. What takes some getting used to is just how many aspects of life are covered by safety certification. Are the chairs you’re buying for the school gym or your company lobby compliant? What about those outlets and lights? Check out this guide from URS Middle East for more information about how to choose products that are safe for your users and your bottom line. Also, access services in ISO certification, CE Marking in Dubai, UAE, and management system certification services.