Electrical Safety Audit



  • Identification of the potential electrical hazards in the plant/factory/organization.
  • Prevent and minimize loss of life & property.
  • Avoid fire due to loose electrical connections and short circuit.
  • Compliance with the applicable safety regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure longevity of expensive electronic equipment.
  • Recommend suggestions for improvement in electrical installations.


Electrical & Fire Safety has become a top most priority in today’s scenario in order to have sustainable growth, productivity enhancement & environmental protection. All industrial sectors are focusing on electrical, human safety, fire safety in a larger extent. Any accident due to electrical short circuit in industry may cause loss of human life, property etc. in great extent. This also gravely affects the prevailing business, loss accounting to high costs and very significant harm to the overall image in the corporate platform. Therefore it is high time that all industry should explore the possibilities of reduction in electrical short-circuit and fire in their utilities through the periodical “Electrical Safety Audits ” by the competent person and organization to ensure safe installations.